BEAST bts Photoshoot

Doo Joon is such a sexy beast:


Even if his pupils aren’t showing…



Showtime: Burning the Beast (Ep.6)

WARNING: this post contains spoilers from episode 6


ㅋㅋㅋ scenes:

  • Evil Yoseob, lying to Gikwang about Elephants playing 가위 바위 보 and then smiling at the camera in secret


  • Gikwang is already normally cute and mischievous, but he is super cute in this episode because it’s like he instantly reverted back to being a 10-year-old who is going to the zoo for the first time. All the members look tired in the car while riding to the zoo, but innocent little Gikwang is singing happily to himself. Actually, when they all arrive at the zoo, they all turn into excited little kids and “ooh” and “ahh” at every animal they see. It’s nice to see this innocent side of them!
  • When the door opens in the safari, the producers chose to play “Love is an open door” from Frozen which I thought was really clever and funny since the whole ride was about loving animals.
  • Yoseob’s face as they enter the water. ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


  • The cute elephant that was dancing all by itself.
  • When they see a donkey: “woooah! Shrek’s friend!”
  • Doo Joon is so good with the giraffes, they both swarm around him and lick him; maybe because they think he’s also a giraffe with the ear headband.


“Even though it was really tiring, my heart was warm. When we get older, we can say, ‘Do you remember when we did this?’ and laugh and talk about it. I’m happy that we made joyful memories like this.”

Showtime: Burning the Beast (Ep.5 – With GIFs)

WARNING: this post contains spoilers from episode 5


ㅋㅋㅋ scenes:

  • [12:23] Doo-joon mimics the English voice at the train station
    • “The train downforth…” 
  • Yoseob seagull-feeding reactions:yoseob-seagullyoseob-seagull2

This was a touching episode, mostly because of Dong Woon’s warm thoughts towards his parents. It was so cute when Dong Woon wrote down that he wanted to visit his parents during his spare time because he’s always busy and never has time. It was even more cute how excited he got when he was buying a present for parent’s day!

Later when they were playing foot volleyball, though, the members’ inner personalities came out that they usually try to hide on air, like Doo Joon’s competitiveness. I noticed that he got frustrated with some of his group members and their lack of sports expertise, but it’s natural for all sports players to get a little competitive. This is what I like about reality shows, because it really gives celebrities a personality, that can’t be seen just from concerts and pictures, and it shows that they’re human just like us.

SBS ‘Roommate’ Controversies

Since I am a huge fan of SBS’s Sunday reality show, Roommate, I decided to comment on the controversies on the show arising from Park Bom‘s alleged ‘drug scandal’ and Park Minwoo‘s mistake of falling asleep at the wheel.

In all honesty, I believe that netizens are seriously overreacting and blowing these events out of proportion. I have done a lot of reading up on Bom’s scandal, and in my own opinion, I really think that she did not mean any harm by having her mom and grandma send her amphetamines in the mail. Now, I have read on a site that these drugs were disguised as candy when they were mailed, which also contributes to why people think she was ‘smuggling’ drugs into Korea, but I have no idea as to whether that rumour is valid or not.

I actually had no idea that she had suffered from a trauma when she was living in the US, witnessing the death of one of her soccer teammates on the field.

More about the incident can be read here on DramaFever.

It’s actually quite sad that YG had to make this information public in order to clear Bom’s name, as it is probably very personal to her and she probably did not want to announce it to the whole world.

I was also really upset when I heard the news that Bommie is choosing to take a hiatus from the show and won’t be filming with the other roommates anymore. I am hoping that this is only temporary, but I really don’t know when she’ll be returning, or if she even will.

It’s actually quite sad and I feel terrible for Bom, who is probably having a hard time dealing with all the bad publicity. It was already shown on the show, in episode 9, when Se Ho’s mom comforted Bom with warm, kind words and put her to tears. It just breaks my heart how insensitive netizens can be, especially if they’ve watched the show and seen the warm and funny side of Bom. I feel like she was really starting to come out of her shell and make new memories with her new family. She even mentioned previously that the members of 2NE1 didn’t have many friends outside of the group, as they were all timid people and had trouble meeting others.

I will undeniably miss Bom’s presence on Roommate because I feel like she really did enjoy living with her new family and she always brightened the room whenever she came in. She was so funny and outspoken and not afraid to be herself on the show, and I know that her new family will also miss her as well, even if they cannot comment on it because of their current situation.

As for Park Minwoo’s controversy, I’m not quite sure what to think of it. I think that what he did was wrong, but when I think about it from his point of view, he was only thinking of his fellow roommates and probably felt like he had a duty to stick to since no one else in the car could drive well, and he also was one of the older members. I am very strict when it comes to driving because of all the bad news I hear on TV, and so I do not agree with him getting behind the wheel when he was tired, no matter if he felt responsible or not.

But at the same time, Minwoo said later in an interview, that it was the first time anything like this has ever happened to him, and so I can’t punish him as hard as I should, because he is human and humans make mistakes. I’m not perfect and it’s not like I’ve never made a mistake in my life either, so I feel like I have no right to lecture him or criticize him. Not to mention the truck’s A/C was broken, which probably put them all in a bad mood, not to mention the car kept making noises for no reason during the middle of the trip.

I am just so glad that nothing bad happened to them, thanks to the caring and alert Flower brother, Seo Kang joon. To be honest, I didn’t care much for Kang joon at the beginning of the series since he seemed kind of air-headed, but episode 11 really opened my eyes to his true character. He actually is very warm and caring, and cares very much for Minwoo and his other roommates. In the episode, he constantly offered to take over Minwoo’s driving, despite being a new driver and having to drive with a trailer attached to the car. In this incident, it was Kang joon that saved the lives of everyone. If not for him being alert in the front seat, the car may have actually drove right into the guard rail. I realized at this point that I may have been to hard on him throughout the series. He was one of the youngest members, and so he still has a lot to learn, and now I realize that.

It’s also easy to forget all the good things that Minwoo has done, just because he made one bad move in the show. If you think of all the kind things he’s done in the show, it’s hard to get mad at him for this one mistake. I remember watching an episode where he personally thought of Bom sleeping in her room, and hand-delivered breakfast to her and left it near her bed. Bom looked like she didn’t want to get up, but when he left, she instantly devoured the food as if she’d been starving. He’s a funny, thoughtful guy, and I loved watching him on the show as he seemed like one of the more genuine people, and it looked as if he was being himself on the show. I actually had no idea who he was before the show, but when I saw his playful personality, I instantly became a fangirl. He may not be as ‘good-looking’ as Kang joon, but he has a great personality and that is why I love him! Minwoo Oppa, fighting!


I love all the members on Roommate, and wholeheartedly accept their flaws because I understand that they are also only human. I can’t imagine how hard it must be to live in a house that is being monitored and recorded 24/7, yet still trying to be the best person you can be. Of course, no one is perfect, and so you will undoubtedly see the bad sides of them as well, but that’s one of the reasons that I love Roommate so much: because it shows a ‘real’ side to these Korean stars, and reminds me that no matter what, they are still human like us.