Showtime: Burning the Beast (Ep.5 – With GIFs)

WARNING: this post contains spoilers from episode 5


ㅋㅋㅋ scenes:

  • [12:23] Doo-joon mimics the English voice at the train station
    • “The train downforth…” 
  • Yoseob seagull-feeding reactions:yoseob-seagullyoseob-seagull2

This was a touching episode, mostly because of Dong Woon’s warm thoughts towards his parents. It was so cute when Dong Woon wrote down that he wanted to visit his parents during his spare time because he’s always busy and never has time. It was even more cute how excited he got when he was buying a present for parent’s day!

Later when they were playing foot volleyball, though, the members’ inner personalities came out that they usually try to hide on air, like Doo Joon’s competitiveness. I noticed that he got frustrated with some of his group members and their lack of sports expertise, but it’s natural for all sports players to get a little competitive. This is what I like about reality shows, because it really gives celebrities a personality, that can’t be seen just from concerts and pictures, and it shows that they’re human just like us.


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